Tiny Texas Restaurant Can Only Seat A Small Amount Of Diners At One Time

Composition with delicious sushi rolls. Japanese food

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Tatsu Dallas, a gem of a restaurant that can be considered one of Texas's finest, proves that big flavors can come from small places.

With a mere 10 seats available, this fresh omakase-style eatery offers a dining occasion like no other. Located within the historic Continental Gin building, Tatsu Dallas boasts an ambience that creates a unique connection between chef and patron, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey.

Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi, the owner and mastermind behind the omakase menu, draws on his Japanese heritage and over a decade of experience in the culinary capital of Manhattan to build a menu that features between 15 to 18 courses. With an emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, each dish showcases the artistry and dedication of Chef Tatsu.

Guests can anticipate a changing menu, including appetizers, nigiri-style sushi, miso soup and delectable desserts. While salmon can be a less common treat, it shines when in season in Japan, so, of course, it's incorporated into the offerings.

The restaurant's commitment to sourcing some ingredients from the Dallas Farmers' Market only enhances the dining experience.

With just two seatings per day, Tatsu Dallas accommodates a maximum of 20 guests each evening, ensuring an intimate and memorable meal.

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