Cody Alan Announces Exclusive Event With Dierks Bentley

Country star Dierks Bentley is flipping the script on Cody Alan

As a radio and TV host, Cody is known for his attention-grabbing interviews, but the tables have turned as Dierks will be asking the probing questions digging into Cody’s new book, ‘Hear’s The Thing’ coming Nov. 9th. 

Do you want to know which country celebrities Cody talks about in his book or how Cody has navigated the music industry leveraging his superior listening skills? Dierks is asking all of the hard-hitting questions and sharing a few lighthearted stories along the way!  

Want to join them for this exclusive one-on-one conversation, happening Nov. 8th? You can!

Purchase your ticket at and get exclusive event access, PLUS a signed copy of ‘Hear’s The Thing.’ 

If you want a laugh, watch Cody make his special announcement while embracing the chaos of his “crumbling” home studio. Click the link below.

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.

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