Randoms-Nat'l Pumpkin Day, Calling better than Texting, & More!


Hallmark’s Christmas movies started over the weekend, and you may have noticed a familiar voice. Gwen Stefani’s "Here This Christmas" will serve as the theme for the channel’s Countdown to Christmas. It’s one of five new songs on Gwen’s re-issued deluxe edition of herYou Make It Feel Like Christmas album. (People)

Do you lie about “your number”? A new survey found that one-third of respondents said they have lied to a partner about the number of people they’ve slept with. Of those who have fibbed, 42% were men and 23% were women. Why lie? 21% said they thought their current partner would judge them for their real number. 17% said their partner’s number was so different from theirs that they chose a fake number that was closer to their partner’s number. (SWNS)

Speaking of partners …Seems coronavirus has made many people in relationships much closer. A survey by online jeweler Angara.com found that 32% of women said that the pandemic made them realize that their current partner was “the one.” And 46% of those surveyed said that one month of living with their partner during quarantine felt like being in a relationship for a year – which may be why people are seeing their current partner as “the one.” (SWNS)

It looks like working from home is going to be the way of the future …and in order to make a separation between “the office” and home, people are building tiny backyard offices. Basically, they are she-sheds – for work. And a number of companies have popped up that will build these office sheds for you. One such company is Illinois based INshed. The company started making tiny offices in June and expects to fill 20 orders this month. The offices cost between $10,000 and $15,000, depending on customization. (Insider)

We live in a texting world, but according to researchers, if you really want to connect with a person, you should pick up the phone. Seems like a no-brainer, but a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that calling someone created stronger social bonds than communicating through texting or email. (Best Life)