Amy Shares List of Things Doctors Want Us To Know

Unrecognizable doctor consulting patient. Giving piece of paper with instructions and recommendations

Amy shared a list on The Bobby Bones Show of common-sense things doctors want us to know.  

These are the 6 things:  

  1. The pregnancy test you get at the ER is no different than the one you get in the store, it’s just as accurate.  
  2. Mental illness can be as serious as physical injury. So, get treated because you wouldn’t ignore a broken bone!  
  3. Doctors say just because a tooth ache goes away doesn’t mean it’s better and you should still get it looked at!
  4. If you’re admitted into the hospital do not lie about how much you’ve had to drink.
  5. No matter how bad whatever you’ve got going on is, they have seen worse, so don’t be ashamed.
  6. Do not keep medicine in your bathroom medicine cabinet because the steam from the shower and temperature fluctuations will degrade the medicine.  

Photo: Getty Images

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