Thurs Full Show: Bobby Surprises a Listener + Top 5 Things That Annoy Us

Thurs Early Bird: Eddie's Toxic Work Trait + Our Unnecessary Purchases

What new toxic workplace trait does Lunchbox think Eddie has been doing for years... Plus, find out what our most unnecessary purchases have been and more!

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At the End of Your Rope? Don't Give Up, What Is Coming is Better Than What Is Gone

Last week we had Walker Hayes on for the 3rd time and this week we have Steven Young back for a 3rd time. Steven is the Founder of 'Home Street Home' and he has a very bittersweet story of redemption (he was homeless for 5 years and then 10 years ago made a change and started a ministry serving the homeless!) You'll hear some of Steven's story weaved into today's episode, but if you want more of his fascinating life story in full....listen to his 2 previous chats with Amy: ep. 96 (from Dec 2019) and ep. 256 (from June 2021)

The theme of today's episode was a surprise to Steven and it's truly special hearing him share in this way (through 4 different poems/stories....a gift of his that Amy wanted to highlight) and the discussions of hope + healing that follow each one. The 4 poems/stories are linked below if you want to reference later or share with others:

1- May 1st, What Was Almost the Beginning of the End

2- 68 Years of Yesterdays

3- When the Petals Die...

4- That Still Small Voice

Amy & Steven also talk about ways you can support our homeless friends during the summer months or any time of year for that matter. One of the ways won't cost you a penny. :) 

Learn more about Steven & Home Street Home Ministries:


IG: @homestreethome_tn

Steven's Book: From Chains to Change: One Man's Journey from God-Hater to God-Follower


HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

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Wednesday Post Show (5-29-24)

We start with a listener question about whether Morgan’s “Man in Uniform” listens to the show or not.  Bobby gives a few updates on long standing bits that we haven’t got to and whether or not we will do them eventually or not. Bobby gets to the news about The World Most Arrested Man who just died at 74 after 1,500 arrests, a man jumped from a cruise ship and is now in critical condition, and Bobby debates going on a cruise with his wife.

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Wed Full Show: Lunchbox Tries Renting Movie Theater + Jobs We Couldn't Do

Find out why Lunchbox attempts to rent a movie theater, what he requests to bring and if he's able to do it! Then, we share the careers who could never do because we don't think we're qualified and more!

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Ray Is Being Forced To Apologize For His Comments

Ray said something that made someone look bad so he is being forced to apologize. A meeting was held and the decision was made that Ray would have to issue an apology for his remarks. Lunchbox hit Dollywood over the weekend and saw society acting exactly how you expect them to act at a theme park. The Celtics are in the NBA Finals and the Mavericks will be heading there soon. Find out why BabyBox cried over the weekend and one cop got caught doing the dirty with a suspect. 

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Wed Early Bird: What Did Eddie Catch Lunchbox Ordering? + Bobby's eBay Scam

Find out what Eddie saw Lunchbox ordering during the show and why he has questions about it. Plus, Bobby ordered something on eBay and it didn't come as he expected and more!

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Making of The First Omen with Nell Tiger Free + Director Arkasha Stevenson

Mike goes behind the scenes with the star and director of The First Omen. He talks to Nell Tiger Free who plays Margaret in the movie and director Arkasha Stevenson. The First Omen is about a woman named Margret who starts to question her own faith when she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy to bring about the birth of an evil incarnate in Rome. They dive into how making a horror movie affects your personal life, the debate of using practical versus computer-generated graphics, and what Disney classic they’d both want to direct and star in if they made a R-Rated version.

The First Omen it's now available on digital now,  drops on Hulu tomorrow (5/30), and on DVD and Blu-ray July 30! Find here by clicking HERE

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25W: Which Teams Duo Has Been More Dynamic: Celtics or Mavs? + St. Louis Recap & Jim Edmonds + Most Memorable Injury List

With the Celtics closing out their series last night, and the Mavs on the verge of sweeping the Timberwolves, Bobby discusses which duo has been more dynamic: Tatum & Brown or Luka & Kyrie. Plus, the guys recap their visit from St. Louis for "Too Much Access" and sit down with Jim Edmonds from his home to talk about his career, baseball, and much more! And following Eddie's broken foot, Bobby reads a list of the worst sports injuries over the years to compare!


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Tuesday Post Show (5-28-24)

We talk to Swiftie Lauren who is back from her wedding and honeymoon. She recaps what she remembers from the big day, her wedding band and her Top 3 moments overall. Bobby talks about watching Civil War and The Fall Guy over the long weekend. Bobby talks about almost dying this weekend and related airplane stories including turbulence injuring more passengers and a flight exposed to measles. We talk about what artists we’d get a tattoo of after a Madonna fan gets 18 Madonna tattoos. Amy talks about watching a Diddy documentary and having her mind blown.

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