#418 - The Top 5 Most Famous Musicians We've Ever Met! + Bobby Bones Talks To Lenny Kravits on How He's Always Stayed Relevant, What He Listens To Before He Goes On Set & More!

Mon Post Show (10-02-23)

We start the post-show addressing why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will never work out. Bobby says for the first time he feels like it’s a bit orchestrated. We talk about our Halloween costumes and Eddie reveals what we don’t know about Ray. Bobby reads a list of the colleges that party the most, a man who ate 35 Carolina reaper peppers in one sitting, and car thieves that stole every car from a new dealership after being open a week. Raymundo has a bone to pick with Bobby and Mike D. Eddie had to teach a lesson to the son regarding his favorite team, The Dallas Cowboys.

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(Mon Full Show) Listeners Krista & Nicholas Waited On The Street To Say Hi To The Show! + What Happened To Bobby Before His Public Speaking Event? + How Did Amy Almost Die This Weekend?

Two listeners were in town and stood outside the studio hoping to wave at Bobby Bones and got a huge surprise! Then, find out what happened that almost kept Bobby from his public speaking event last week. Plus, Amy had an eventful weekend and found herself in a situation where she almost died....

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(Mon Early Bird) Amy’s Friend Needs Advice Dating Guy Who Doesn’t Work Much + What Questions Do We Hate Being Asked? + Mailbag: Burned By Country Artist

Amy's friend goes to an office every day for work while her boyfriend works from home. She got to stay home one day and finally saw what he does during the day and is now having conflicting feelings...find out why! Plus, we share the questions we get asked too often and hate. Mailbag: Our listener was burned by a country artist. They went to a show and the artist was terrible. But our listener's wife wants to go again... should they go?

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Top 10 Highest Grossing Non-Franchise Movies of All Time and 5 Non-Franchise Movies That Changed Cinema in the Last 5 Years + Movie Review: Saw X + Trailer Park: Ferrari

In this episode, Movie Mike responds to legendary Director Martin Scorsese who said recently that we need to “fight back” against thinking “that’s what movies are” by watching movies from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan. Mike talks about the Top 10 highest grossing non franchise movies of all-time. Mike shares why he thinks Scorsese is out of touch by sharing 5 non-franchise / non-superhero movies of the last 5 years that have changed cinema.  In the Movie Review, Mike shares his thoughts on Saw X which is the 10th film in the franchise. How it got back to the roots of what made the original great, the horror elements and if it’s worth seeing in theaters. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Ferrari coming to theaters this Christmas. It’s a biopic of automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari, whose family redefined the idea of the high-powered Italian sports car and practically spawned the concept of Formula One racing. 

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Sunday Sampler - The Nashville Podcast Network (10-01-23)

In this weekly series, we share highlight clips from the past week of podcasts on The Nashville Podcast Network- The Bobbycast, 4 Things with Amy Brown, Sore Losers and Movie Mike's Movie Podcast.  You can listen to new episodes weekly wherever you get your podcasts. 

You can find them on Instagram:

-The Bobbycast- @bobbycast

-4 Things- @radioamy

-Sore Losers- @soreloserspodcast

-Movie Mikes Movie Podcast- @mikedeestro

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Best Bits: Listener Q&A With Morgan and Eddie

Morgan and Eddie answer listener submitted questions! Eddie talked about his family listening to the show and why he keeps certain things private. They reveal their first impressions of each other, the hardest parts about working for the Bobby Bones Show, and their “wow this is my life” moments. Plus, Eddie shared an update on his hair, houseplants, and smoking meat!

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This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. This week includes a first-time guest in studio, recap of the iHRMF and much more! You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!

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Best Bits with Eddie: Morgan Is Gonna Be In A Magazine & Eddie Recalls His Favorite Cowboys Moment Ever

 Morgan and Eddie talk about their weekend in Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival + both of their run-ins with Flavor Flav. Eddie gives Morgan a lesson in rock music, and Morgan teaches Eddie about some famous books from her childhood. Morgan made it on a 33 under 33 list and Eddie talks about his experience at K-State and the workouts he does with Bobby.

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Beyond the Mirror: Fashion's Role in Self-Love and Body Image With Sarai White (Part 2) (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: In part 2 of this series, Leanne is back with guest Sarai White as they dive into the foundational beliefs that undermine our relationship with fashion (and how these beliefs can be reshaped to foster self-love and confidence). 

They challenge the common notion that you need to meet certain standards or goals before you 'deserve' to look and feel great in your clothes and other myths and common beliefs that come up for women as they are exploring this subject. More importantly they invite you into the powerful transformation that occurs when you recognize your worth right now (not “when you get there” or reach a certain goal)...and embrace fashion through THOSE eyes. 


They highlight the importance of living in the present moment, reminding you that the most special occasion is today. Waiting for some future "when" can hinder your journey towards self-love, and they explore how investing a little extra time in choosing and planning your outfits can make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself NOW.


Lastly, they celebrate the individuality of fashion. It's about defining your own style, not adhering to trends or others' expectations. Your fashion choices should be a reflection of your unique essence, and fashion is (and can be!) a potent tool for nurturing self-love and confidence.


HOST: Leanne Ellington // @leanneellington // StresslessEating.com

To learn more about re-wiring your brain to heal from the all-or-nothing diet mentality for good....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @ www.StresslessEating.com 


GUEST: Sarai White // @GetFitWithSarai



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