The Bobby Bones Show Chooses May’s Employee of the Month

The Bobby Bones Show's Employee of the Month was chosen for May! Bobby Bones recognizes the employee who shined the most in the last month.

The winner gets to spin the wheel and possibly win some money, or they can choose to do self-promotion or block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future. Eddie was last month's winner! For the month of May, Amy came out the champion and was crowned the show's Employee of the Month for May!

Amy was chosen because we finally figured out the great mystery as to why her water bill was so high, and the video of her talking about is the most viewed video on The Bobby Bones Instagram page for the month of May with 1.3 million views.  She got in trouble for reporting false information about her sorority and owned up to her mistake on-air. She shared an update on her divorce and revealed she broke the generosity chain at Starbucks and told a story about her friend who might be getting catfished on a dating app.  

To celebrate her win, she chose to spin the wheel and won $1!  

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