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Neighbors tell pregnant woman to "COVER UP' in her backyard pool!

A women who is 8 month's pregnant posted on Reddit about an issue her neighbors have caused and the internet has exploded. She's at the point in the pregnancy where she's gotten very uncomfortable but she says hew backyard pool is a Godsend. She posts, “Being in the water helps enormously, so I like to spend a good chunk of time most evenings just floating in my pool,” she wrote, and there really are a whole lot of benefits to swimming while pregnant.

“I wear a bikini to do this because it’s about a million times easier than fighting with a one piece. The end result of this is that my neighbors get an eyeful of a large, pale (wear sunscreen, kids!), stretchmark-covered belly when they look in the direction of my backyard.”

According to She Knows an online site, She "says that her neighbor recently stopped by her house and asked her husband if she could “cover up more” in the pool. “Apparently they’re avoiding using their deck because seeing so much of my body is uncomfortable for them.” Is this a joke?! OP’s husband certainly thought so and started to laugh because how freakin’ ridiculous (and downright rude!) is that? “They didn’t press, but now they’ve started giving me dirty looks whenever they see me,”

Responses on Reddit and direct and to the point!

One writers said, "This woman should wear whatever the hell she wants and not have to explain herself, but as she said, “wearing a bikini…is about a million times easier than fighting with a one piece.” And the internet couldn’t agree more.

“I got stuck, naked, in a public restroom at 7 months pregnant trying to get into a one-piece,” one Redditor said. “I was so exhausted by the adventure I almost passed out. I may be a pale whale at 8.5 months but you bet your ass this whale is rocking a tie bikini.”

No one should have to wear anything they don’t want to — much less something that could make them pass out! — just so that others can feel comfortable.

These neighbors need to know that by asking this woman to wear something else, they are not only body shaming, but they could be asking for something that this woman just can’t do. She may not have the time, energy, or money to buy a maternity swimsuit, so (again!) they really need to keep their feelings to themselves."

Another wrote " “Continue to float and use your pool at any time. Their request is ridiculous and it conveys shaming,” one person wrote, and we have to wonder if these neighbors would shame a larger person the same way or if this is reserved for the specific horror of a pregnant belly. “You are beautiful and about to deliver the life you and your husband have been waiting to meet.”

What do you say?

You can tell me below.

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